Company History

Au Cornerstone was officially incorporated in 1989 and we have been in business since 1987.

Au Cornerstone was founded by Sean and Bonnie McCarty in 1987. Sean had worked as an apprentice in a jewelry shop in Spokane for five years and moved to Mt. Vernon to start his own business. It has been operated as a family business ever since, and has employed about a dozen friendly craftsmen and staff for most of its history.

Since founding the company Sean and Bonnie have had children who grew up working in the shop and now have grandchildren. They keep operating the shop even in lean economic times because a family owned shop eventually becomes a part of the family, as do its employees. The same drive and initiative that drove Sean to set out to form his own business motivates him to find ways to keep the company running in a globalized world where American manufacturing companies -even small family owned ones- are competing with large factories and workshops overseas that don't comply with stringent labor and environmental laws.